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Wavy – UI/UX concept for a surf forecast app

Wavy provides easy to understand wind, wave, and weather forecasts for surfers.

Surfers need to understand a complex dataset of wind and weather data to evaluate surf conditions. Most surf forecast apps only provide data organized in tables and graphs that require this knowledge and do not provide less experienced surfers with guidance on how to interpret the data.

What was missing was an app that provided accurate and detailed data for the experienced surfers while providing easy to understand forecasts and surfing tips for surfers who are not familiar with wind and weather data.

The project was very research-intensive. I conducted interviews with surfers to understand what their needs were, what data they were looking at, and why. From the beginning, I involved surfers in the design process and refined the app according to their feedback.

The result is a prototype which can be tried out here.

September 2019–September 2020
Student project with Career Foundry