Julia Vogel
Manteuffelstraße 58
10999 Berlin
+49 (0)3020654864
+49 16094675544

Office hours:
Monday – Friday
10.00 am – 7.00 pm

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Facts in brief:

I am a Berlin-based designer with ten years of experience designing print and digital projects. I help clients translate their goals and ideas into visual stories that engage their audiences in meaningful ways. My design is clear and often even simple, yet it is bold and makes a visually striking statement.

In 2020, I expanded my portfolio to include user experience design. The UX design tools allow me to focus even more on user needs to design functional yet enjoyable digital products.

I work across different media and disciplines with the support of a tailored network of specialists, allowing me to handle more extensive projects.

My area of work include:

User experience design:
– Competitive Analysis & User Research
– User Flows
– User Personas
– Information Architecture
– Wireframing
– Prototyping
– Usability Testing

Visual design skills (on and offline):
– Brand design
– Publication design
– Infographics and pictograms
– App design
– Website design